On this page you can explore the archived videos for each webinar in the original learning path Teaching: A Path to Learning & Development (TPLD) created to help teachers who are leaving their career in the classroom and moving towards a position in Instructional Design. Select each section below to learn more. 

"From Teacher to Instructional Designer"

ID Webinar 1: Leaving Teaching for Something New

In this webinar, we discuss a few of the many career options for teachers who are looking to use their skills in a new career. 

ID Webinar 2: Breaking into Instructional Design

In this webinar, we give an overview of steps a teacher could take in order to transition into instructional design. 

ID Webinar 3: Instructional Design Tools of the Trade

In this webinar, we cover some of the currently (2021) used tools in Instructional Design. See our future "Tools of the Trade" series to build on this content, and keep in mind, tools are always changing in the L&D field.  

ID Webinar 4: From Teacher Resume to Instructional Design Resume

In this webinar, we explore how to translate teacher skills into instructional design skills on a resume in an effective, clear, and honest manner. 

ID Webinar 5: Creating an Instructional Design Portfolio

In this webinar, we review what to include in an instructional design (ID) portfolio based on current practices (2021). This is still valuable information, but like tools, keep in mind that ID portfolio trends can change with time. 

ID Webinar 6: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

In this webinar, we examine how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for a career pivot and how your LinkedIn can complement your resume and portfolio.