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On this page you can explore different examples of E-Learning Portfolios, and read some tips from the Teaching: A Path to L&D team.

NEW! TPLD team member Ann Lopez has created a resume repository with samples of the resumes former teachers used to land their jobs in Learning and Development! Scroll down to explore the link and read some tips from the Teaching: A Path to L&D (TPLD) team.

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In this resource, Scott Winstead provides 34 ID portfolios, as well as annotations on what makes them stand out from the crowd. He also provides a brief explanation of the benefits of creating a portfolio.

Portfolio Tips from TPLD

  • If you work in Instructional Design you really do need a portfolio and this is doubly true if you are coming from teaching!

  • At the end of the day, you always want to have your personality shine through and deliver a smooth running product, so make sure you have someone take a peek at your portfolio before you publish it (you can always drop it in our LinkedIn group "Teaching: A Path to Learning and Development" for constructive feedback.) If you are looking for more guidance on how to create your portfolio and what to include, be sure to check out Step 2, Part 3: Create Your Portfolio in the instructional design path section of our website.

  • Don't wait until your portfolio is perfect before your publish, or you will never publish! A portfolio is ALWAYS a working document and you can always update it after it is launched. Get a few good pieces, make sure they work and the site is clean looking, and then jump!

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Having a hard time translating teaching skills to a non-teaching resume? Check out the resume samples in this repository to give you some ideas. These resumes are all provided by former educators who have successfully found a new career outside of teaching. If you are a former teacher and wish to help, use this link to submit your resume sample: https://airtable.com/shrmKyb8nBARnIAMW

Resume Tips from TPLD

  • Register for the free TPLD webinar series "Resume Workshops" HERE

  • View recordings of previous TPLD webinars that review resume tips and tricks HERE

  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel to browse playlists with helpful videos for the career pivot from teaching to Learning and Development (L&D)

  • Explore the Self-Guided Path created by TPLD Founder and President, Sara Stevick!

  • Do you have a resume and want one-on-one help from one of our mentors, all of whom are former teachers turned L&D professionals? Check out their calendars here to secure an appointment: Office Hours

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