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On this page you can explore some podcasts recommended by the TPLD team for learning more about Instructional Design or Learning & Development. Podcasts are a great way to learn (and a great way to create learning content!). Listening to L&D podcasts can give you a better sense of the challenges faced by learning professionals and the day to day job, the skills needed, or the tools and processes used! Many former teachers found podcasts extremely helpful to their transition.  

Learning & Development Podcasts

BLOC Podcast: Building Learning and Organizational Culture
Instructional Designers in Offices Drinking Coffee
Share Whatcha Learned
The L&D Hot Seat


The BLOC (Building Learning and Organizational Culture) Podcast is a learning and development podcast where Heidi Kirby talks to professionals in the field who are passionate about finding creative, innovative ways to bring learning front and center at their organizations and beyond.


#IDIODC is an eLearning podcast brought to you by Brent Schlenker and Chris Van Wingerden from the dominKnow team. Recorded completely live and candid, the two talk weekly about L&D, specifically instructional design. You can listen or join live on Crowdcast! 

Share Whatcha Learned

Hosted by Amy Petricek, The Share Whatcha Learned podcast is for learning professionals to share what they're learning in the field of Instructional Design.

The L&D Hot Seat 

Welcome to The L&D Hot Seat! A podcast that focuses on challenging scenarios in the field of learning and development. Every 2 weeks we interview a professional in the field of L&D and present them with 3 challenging scenarios to see how they would solve those problems. Let's see how they handle The Hot Seat! 

More L&D Podcast Recommendations

Dear Instructional Designer: https://www.dearinstructionaldesigner.com/ 

If You Ask Betty https://ifyouaskbetty.com/podcast/ 

Instructional Design Podcast with Dr. Luke Hobson: https://drlukehobson.com/podcast 

More coming soon! 

Transitioning Teacher Podcasts (Coming Soon!) 

Transitioning Teacher Podcast Recommendations

Coming Soon! 

Other Useful Podcasts (Coming Soon!) 

More Podcast Recommendations

Coming Soon! 

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