Step 2: Tailoring Application Documents

If you are applying for an instructional designer position...YOU ARE AN INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNER! As a teacher, you have been doing this for years, you just may or may not have known what it was called. Developed curricula, slide decks or worksheets for your students? You’re an ID. Given a pre-test/post-test? ID’s do that, too! If you do not own this, and if you present yourself as a teacher, they will not interview/hire you, because they are looking for an instructional designer, not a teacher. That is why this step is so important. You can definitely use most of your key achievements from teaching, you just have to use the right words to paint the picture in a way it is vibrant in the Learning and Development world.

It doesn't matter in what order you complete these, and you can work on them simultaneously. 

**REMEMBER** All these application documents are ALWAYS working documents. Get them to a good place and move on to step 3. It's okay for them to grow and change with you base on what you learn along the way! Also, everyone is going to have an opinion, but at the end of the day, trust your gut, and you do you, boo! You don't have to take everyone's advice.