By Karthick Richard

Are you ready for design challenges to amp up your skills?!

The fantastic Karthick Richard has created Canvathon! Bringing you 3 new challenges with supporting learning resources over the next few weeks to help you develop portfolio pieces and hone your ID talents!


  1. A new challenge will be announced in a post in the TPLD LinkedIn group

    • You can join here if not already a member!

    • Challenge posts can be found linked below the Challege board on this page or by searching "#Canvathon" in the group search bar

  2. Click the matching card from the Canvathon Challenge board below to see challenge details, learning resources, suggested materials, templates and more, all curated by Karthick!

  3. When you've completed the challenge, share your work in the challenge announcement post comments for glory!!! (Also a great time to ask for feedback from peers in a safe place ;)..but also...GLORYYYYYYYYYYYYY!)

While a new magical challenge will only be added live over the next few weeks, all are welcome to participate in any of the past challenges and share their work on the related LinkedIn post (search "#Canvathon)

Happy designing, and HUGE thank you to Karthick for letting us host his Canvathon masterpiece!

LinkedIn Challenge Posts